Dreaming with a Crocodile

ND8_7836Sometimes you find the most beautiful art in the most inconvenient of places. This surreal mural is situated three stories up in Newton. The only good vantage point is from Ian McKinnon Drive, so I forced my husband to drive as slow as possible so I could get a good shot.
This piece is called ‘Dreaming with a Crocodile’ by the Mexican urban artist Edgar ‘Saner’ Flores. The Mexican beer brand Pacifico brought him to New Zealand to showcase his exhibition and to create a mural for them. He says“The mural is inspired by our trip to New Zealand and our journey through life. The characters and symbols, like the driver with the jade mask represent all those who face new experiences and take challenges that make them lose their fears regardless of the outcome of things, always guided by reason and trust (the house and the kiwi on the tip of the spear).”
I like how he gave it a little touch of Kiwiana by spraying a tiny kiwi on top of the birdhouse. And I know personally (thanks to Instagram) that he thinks our little country is wonderful and would love to come back again.

Dreaming with a Crocodile

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